Live! Analysis of Per Aspera in Ad Astra, Part 1

Today we’re launching a 3 part series – The Analysis of Per Aspera in Ad Astra. Governor Kelly launched an Ad Astra plan in April. Seven months into the plan, we’re stepping back from the day-to-day analysis and reporting of numbers and colors to focus on the use of data in managing the COVID pandemic.

Part 1: Analyzing the Data Maturity of the Kansas Government

Part 2: Best Practices Emerging in the Midwest

Part 3: Examining Innovative and Empowering Data Tools from the Midwest

Live! Analysis of Per Aspera in Ad Astra, Part 1

“What you would like to see in a crisis situation is that the data is laid out in a way users can explore it for themselves and glean information easily. You want to help your users come to an accurate understanding of the issues and empower them to make decisions that protect the people they care about.” Check out Part 1 of our series – Analyzing the Data Maturity in Kansas COVID Reporting.

Posted by Cornerstone Data, Inc. on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Links from the video:

Johnson County Health Department Announces Missing 1,000 Negative Tests

Disparities in KDHE Cluster Reporting for Dodge City Hall

KDHE Misreports Pittsburg Coronavirus Cluster Information – Again

Percent Positive Wrong on KDHE Portal

Cornerstone Data Notifies KDHE of Hospital Capacity Reporting Errors

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