Joy Eakins



Devoted Leader   Passionate Innovator   Analytical Expert

As President of Cornerstone Data, Joy exemplifies the attitudes and behaviors she requires of her team. She passionately invests in people – her customers, her teammates, and her community.

Joy spent her formative years as an actuary for Milliman in the healthcare industry, using database software to create statistical models for healthcare costs. She further honed her programming, database design, and analytical skills with ICB Consulting in Denver. Her time with ICB opened doors that allowed her to work for technology leaders Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies and Avaya. As the leader of the Current Engineering team, Joy worked with their largest clients to solve software issues and worked with the development team to improve the stability of new software products entering the market.

Working with Joy, it doesn’t take long to recognize the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience in all things data.


Mackenzie SMITH


May 2020 – September 2021

Mackenzie’s first exposure to Data Analytics was through the Wichita State University Team. Cornerstone Data served as industry expert for the team, and we were immediately drawn to her natural charisma and her ability to coordinate people, tasks, and projects. She was quickly promoted to Team Lead.

Mackenzie found a personal connection to the aspects of arranging, storing and visualizing data because it appealed to her natural ability to organize and communicate technical information. She enjoys that a-ha moment from her clients when a complex idea is boiled down into a simple visual decision-making tool.

Mackenzie was a Computer Science Major at Wichita State University graduating in May, 2021.

Wichita State University Team

April 2019 – February 2020

Cornerstone Data is honored to be the industry experts for the City of Wichita/Wichita State University Applied Learning Project on Data Management. Students worked with the City to determine their use of data in decision-making. They created a data inventory, interviewed every department about their use of data, and prepared a data management plan containing future steps the City can take to mature in their use of data.

A diverse group of students have participated in the project. Majors have included Electrical Engineering, Business, MIS, Computer Science, Biochemistry and Mathematics. We have hosted students at every level from Freshman to PhD candidates. Pictured here are Jake Allen, Joy Eakins, Karen Nason, Mackenzie Moore, and Christopher Eli. Check out the story written by WSU about the project by clicking on the button below.

Tyler Griggs

Summer 2017

Tyler spent a summer as part of the Cornerstone Team after completing his Freshman year at Harvard University. That’s right…Harvard University. Tyler came highly recommended to our team before he even started college because one of our developers heard he was interested in development and he had scored a perfect 36 on his ACT. Since we love smart people who work hard, it was clear we needed Tyler on our team.

During Tyler’s internship, he created an internal wiki using open source software and transformed our directory-style “How-To” documents into a searchable, editable, secure website so team members could quickly find the information they needed.

Alex Miller

June 2016 – May 2017

Just before his junior year at Wichita State University, Alex joined our team to help us on a new client project. He immediately exceeded all of our expectations. His interest in the work and his drive to do well allowed him to quickly learn new skills and employ them on several projects.

In the year he was here, he learned how to create a database and set it up with the proper schema and stored procedures. He also figured out how to get SQL Server Report Services working and began creating reports for our client. Alex’s work ethic, team spirit, and ambitious attitude will carry him far.