October Death Reconciliations

Joy Eakins and Chris Wyant Cornerstone Data share their data analytics with a client.
Death rate analysis graphic for Kansas from Cornerstone Data.
Vital Statistic reconciliations have continued in October in Kansas with multiple entries added for both April and May. In the image above, we have tracked KDHE’s reconciliation process since they announced it in September. Over 40% of the deaths reported in the last two months appear to be part of the reconciliation process. During the month of September, 134 deaths were reported between April and August, accounting for 24% of the deaths in that timespan. As of October 30, 151 deaths have been reported between April and September accounting for 18% of the deaths in that timespan.
Kansas COVID Death date analysis graphic showcases the power of decision intelligence for data success.

In this image, we compare the number of deaths that occurred by day vs. the KDHE reported number of deaths. Whenever the blue bars are taller than the red line, the deaths were under reported by KDHE that week.

Additionally, whenever the red line is taller than the blue bars, KDHE has conducted catch up in their reporting. Between April and June you can see KDHE had small catch ups for underreporting in May. That changed starting in September. In KDHE’s PDF report released on 9/16/20, they stated they had been reconciling the vital statistics for the death records which caused this spike. Adding to the drama, during the month of August KDHE severely under reported deaths leading to a dramatic catch up in September.

As we have moved through October, KDHE was still conducting the reconciliation of the vital statics for death at an even greater rate than they did in September. New deaths have been reported as far back as April with 2 new deaths reported the week of April 12th, 2020.