This project started out of my curiosity about the daily reports we hear and lack of context provided when data was shared. I wanted to visualize the spread of the virus in my own community and better understand the decisions we were making. As I received additional questions, I added to the visualizations. Now we are updating Sedgwick County and Kansas COVID-19 data weekly to help inform our fellow business owners and community members of the spread of the virus. We also try to post insights and analysis to our Facebook page each week. We hope this information helps your decision making. Please like or follow our page and share this with others you know. Feel free to send me a message letting me know what questions you have about the stats and what data might be helpful.
Click here our CURRENT COVID-19 Data Analysis for Kansas
Click here for our May 2020 Review of Ad Astra: Reopen Kansas Metrics
Check our our May 2020 Study on Correlation between Percent Positive Tests and Test Rates

– Joy Eakins, President

Kansas COVID Data - Zoom Meetup

Kansas COVID Data

Recorded May 1, 2020 as guest of FlagshipKansas.Tech

Webinar - Discussion about Sedgwick County COVID-19 Data

Recorded April 23, 2020 as guest of Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce


Cloud-based Applications

CEO Ed O’Malley and his team dreamed of impacting Kansas by empowering community members with life-changing leadership skills. After building a framework and charting a course forward, they realized that they needed a database to track the thousands of participants and organizations impacted by their work. Cornerstone Data consultants partnered with KLC to build that database and several applications that interface with the data in real-time to help their team be efficient and timely.

“Cornerstone Data has consistently offered collaborative and creative solutions to meet our organization’s unique set of needs. From creating our initial database, to adapting it to meet our ever-changing needs, the team at CDD has been patient and thorough in helping us determine the best solutions for our organization. With CDD’s expertise and guidance, we’ve been able to streamline our internal processes and data management systems, allowing us to work more efficiently and better serve our customers.”

-Jamie Moeder, Director of Programs
Cloud-based Applications
Custom Database Application

CEO Vicki Bond started her business offering credentialing services to physicians and built proprietary software to manage her data. After a merger in 2011 and significant growth in her company, she and her staff determined they had outgrown the software and needed to create something with a modern database technology that offered more room for growth and could eventually allow her clients to view their data through a web application. Cornerstone Data consultants worked closely with her team to build a product that fit their complex processes and ensure the quality of their data.

"Working with Cornerstone Data has been a true pleasure. Their team has walked with us through every phase of a complex and total rewrite of our database. The CDD team is extremely patient and thorough when analyzing our business process and database needs; they understand what questions to ask to discover the root of the process. Their team makes training and deployment a smooth transition. Cornerstone’s wealth of knowledge and experience brings relief to any obstacle. It is an honor to have them as part of our team."

-Vicki Bond, CPMSM, ACHE, MHS, CEO
Custom Database Application

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